Darren Yaw Shares Benefits of Horse Riding

Darren Yaw’s daughter and a horse practicing.

In this article, Darren Yaw shares the benefits of horse riding for everyone. In one of the latest Twitter posts from his Twitter account, he has concluded that not many people are aware of the benefits of riding horses. This is because nowadays, fewer people are exposed to the world of riding. Generally, some people enjoy horse riding as one of the things to do during leisure time. Darren Yaw once shared views from the public regarding the positivity of horse riding. To begin with, those who have little horseback riding expertise may question if there are any health advantages, they may get just by sitting on a horse. Darren Yaw stated that many different physical and mental health advantages might be gained through horseback riding, a physically demanding activity. However, the benefits may vary between individuals. Therefore, Darren Yaw aims to improve the public’s understanding of the benefits of horse riding.


The benefits listed by Darren Yaw from his latest Twitter post are as follows:

  • Burn calories

Nevertheless, it’s the horse performing the bulk of the effort in the sport of eventing. Despite this, Darren Yaw stated that riding a horse also expends calories. This is because, while riding, both the horse and rider ought to move in sync to ease their movements and paces for the whole riding session. A similar study done by the equine club from Singapore claims that trotting for 30 minutes burns approximately 360 calories, equal to around 17 minutes at a medium intensity, and tones the stomach. Riding an exercise bike is much like doing an intense aerobic activity, which can be regulated by how hard you want to work, as quoted by Darren Yaw. However, riding horses will require expertise if you’re going to burn calories with the correct techniques. The techniques can be learned easily from trainers or even the latest post from the Equine World Group on Google. This is to ensure that you are not wasting your time doing things incorrectly.


Darren Yaw riding a horse on the mountains.

Darren Yaw’s wilderness training.

  • It helps in building muscles

Darren Yaw confirms that horseback-riding activity that involves using isometrics specifically targets muscle areas and helps you stay strong based on a study done by the team to increase the views from the public. For a rider to balance themselves on the horse’s back, core muscles such as the chest muscles and abdominals are used. Therefore, as stated by Darren Yaw, the core muscles are worked, and the muscles in the lower back, torso, hip bones, and pelvic floor. For your information, horse riding may benefit those who are having problems with their back pains as it stimulates great posture while riding. Hence, the latest medical solutions regarding back pains are solved by horseback riding. Darren Yaw concluded that horse riding helps people strengthen their muscles just like usual sports.

  • Enhance coordination

In many ways, Darren Yaw stated that riding is more complicated than many people realize. To control the speed of a horse, you have to synchronize the amount of pressure you apply to the reins, your legs, and your body. Darren Yaw also mentioned that this is an often-used analogy of likening the experience of attempting to massage your stomach, pat your head, and move simultaneously. It is not that simple as you will need to focus on your coordination to control every movement possible. You’ll find that you have more achieved as you become more of a rider, and you’ll then be able to identify all of the little motions you may make to influence the horse to respond the way you want, as quoted by Darren Yaw. To get the most out of the lessons, you’ll also learn how to utilize various areas of your body individually, so you may apply them to other sports, such as basketball, where coordination is essential.


A friend of Darren Yaw’s riding a horse near a tree

Darren Yaw’s friend riding a horse.

  • Improve mental health

When you initially learn to remain on and guide the horse, you may think it’s simply a difficult task, as stated by Darren Yaw. It gets easier, and chances for learning emerge. You will have questions and difficulties as you advance with your riding and with equestrian ownership. Equestrians, no matter how experienced, will constantly discover something new. Several studies have shown that lifelong learning may help to stave against memory decline. Darren Yaw mentioned that exercise keeps your brain youthful and supple, much like your muscles. And just like how riding helps to keep your brain engaged by keeping you physically busy. Making horse riding your hobby will definitely boost the way you exercise your brains. Therefore, as highlighted by Darren Yaw, an abundance of possibilities awaits riders.


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