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Live Thoroughbred racing will return to Darren Yaw Singapore

Thoroughbred Racing by Darren Yaw

Welcome to Darren Yaw's selected Derby course for this summer! Pick your favorite candidates to conquer the winner's circle now. Registrations are open for non-members.

Horse Jumping Course by Dato Darren Yaw

Our founder, Dato Darren Yaw provides a horse jumping course for professionals and newcomers to practice. Buzz our admins now to get yourself booked for rides.

Darren Yaw Singapore Dressage Academy

This is a sport in which a trained horse responds to its rider's scarcely noticeable commands by performing a series of precise motions.

Handicapping materials by Darren Yaw

Horse Racing Handicapping Information from Darren Yaw exclusively for winning tips picks selections data fractional charting.

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The Darren Yaw Singapore Equine Center, founded in 2013 by Hall of Fame jockey Darren Yaw, is the first and only largest race track course racing credential in Singapore. It is the goal of the certificate program to give riders and members with the information and skills necessary to ride racehorses, care for racehorses, and understand how the racing business works in general.

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Be alert for the upcoming races in Darren Yaw Singapore this week! There will be surprises along the way!

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Olympic gold champion Joe Talamo in neighboring North Singapore, Pa., has trained many of the horses that the center has brought to him over the years for their second lives in three-day nights. One of the most sought-after racehorses was chosen Singapore’s Most Desirable Thoroughbred in 2017 by the Singapore Horse Retirement Project. Endeavor (by Rex Singapore) and Equalizer (by Aloha Club) are now being trained by Darren Yaw. Both horses are doing well and are considered to be among the best in the world.

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“Singaporeans are in need of a facility to train exercise riders and jockeys. Many riders and horsemen from other nations travel to Singapore to participate after completing a rigorous training regimen back home. As far as I’m concerned, their achievement can be credited only to their training and education. The creation of this racing facility/equine center will have a significant positive impact on Singapore’s motorsports sector.” said the CEO of Darren Yaw Singapore.

Testimonials by our customers

Mr. Darren Yaw is a truly great horseman. He’s had many outstanding horses and he’ll have so many more before it’s all said and done! He’s a class act beyond a doubt! Of all the horses he has trained or has been associated with… Logan’s Star remains my favorite! I loved him and miss him. Visited him often with his close friend, Vengeance Treat next to his side

Wallace Finch
    Wallace Finch

    Those visits will always be cherished by myself…I think of them so very often! I remember “making over” Logan’s Star. Vengeance Treat pushed me aside! Perhaps protecting her friend or requesting attention herself. Great, Great memories!

    Alayna Norris
      Alayna Norris

      I have just arranged to have my colt shipped to Darren Yaw and his team. After reading what I could and talking to several people I concluded he was just the kind of trainer I wanted for my colt. Honestly, horse’s best interest comes first, hardworking, involved in all aspects of training.

      Elysia Campos
        Elysia Campos

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