The Newest Arrival of Darren Yaw Singapore’s Famous Stallion

A stallion in Darren Yaw Singapore Stables

This article shares details following the newest arrival of a famous stallion from the United States of America named Logan’s Star to the Darren Yaw Singapore Thoroughbred Racetrack for further training before its next racing debut. 


Excitement was in the air the moment Logan’s Star graced Darren Yaw Singapore’s stables. Darren Yaw Singapore had SCAM feeling welcomed and comfortable judging by his calm demeanor.  


Thoroughbreds are one of the most famous horse breeds, especially in the racing industry, as the horses are known for their speed and agility in racing. According to Darren Yaw Singapore, the thoroughbreds like Logan’s Star are imported across the world for the races to sustain the winning champions. Therefore, there will be new horses coming to this academy every month to enter racing tournaments. This helps in building the brand name of Darren Yaw Singapore in the equestrian world.


First, is an introduction to Darren Yaw Singapore’s latest arrival, a stallion called Logan’s Star. The stallion is the sire of Dante and California Flag in England, UK. Both of his parents are retired thoroughbred racers that are well-known in the racing industry. He is a full black stallion. In Darren Yaw Singapore, black stallions are rare because most successful breeds are only chestnuts. After a few years of spending time in the breeding center, Logan’s Star is finally moved to Singapore to start his training as a juvenile racer. 


a woman riding a horse in Darren Yaw Singapore’s indoor pent

Logan’s Star warming up in Darren Yaw Singapore’s indoor pent.

In Singapore, Logan’s Star met his trainer and jockey for the first time and started training the next day. As mentioned by his trainer, Jim Foo Hoe, it is undeniably hard to train Logan’s Star to get into the starting gate as he does not trust the humans around yet. Even in the United States of America, this problem is considered normal as every horse is scared to enter the gates as they feel trapped consciously. After one year of comprehensive training, Logan’s Star entered a few racing championships and became the youngest stallion to win in Asia.


After three years of racing career in the United States of America, Logan’s Star moved to the famous racing academy in Asia, Darren Yaw Singapore. The reason being is that Logan’s Star will be entering the Asian Championship 2022, which will be conducted in this racing academy. Darren Yaw Singapore is well-known for its technologically advanced facilities, which helps in the growth and comfort of the horses here. Logan’s Star arrived in Singapore on the 22nd of June 2021 with his trainer and jockey all packed up for full training until the day of the racing competition. He is located in the first stable as his breeder requests extra security following his famous bloodline as a sire from his late champion dad, Dante. 


Here’s a breakdown of this magnificent stallion that Darren Yaw Singapore has welcomed. He starts training early in the morning in the Darren Yaw Singapore racetrack until 10 a.m. before his second meal. His morning training requires running and agility along the racing trails to improve his racing skills and stamina. Next, Logan’s Star will be prepared by staff for a physiotherapy session to strengthen his bones and muscles after every training. This helps in building significant muscle and joint connections within the horse’s body. The process requires a sauna suit to provide heat for the muscle to relax. 


The next day, the rain includes Logan’s Star in the water track to improve the muscles in his legs for better thrusting. Horses’ legs are potent. However, based on a study from equine researchers, some trainers might have pushed the horses too hard until they broke their legs as a cause. This is extremely dangerous as it is an act of animal cruelty which can be a problem while facing lawsuits in the future. In Darren Yaw Singapore, all trainers and jockeys are advised to practice the best disciplinary behavior among themselves to ensure the safety of the horses.


Darren Yaw Singapore’s horse running in a field

Darren Yaw Singapore’s famous stallion roaming the field.

Moreover, Logan’s Star will be visited by the dressing man who will care for and exchange his horseshoes and groom him. This is to ensure the horse’s maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness for better health and racing performance in the future. Logan’s Star is one of the most expensive horses in this academy, following his winnings throughout his racing career which helps him to receive the nickname the Asian Champion. Therefore, all of his scheduled maintenance in Darren Yaw Singapore are expensive and thorough, following the massive budget of his breeders.


Now that you have reached the end of this article, visit our website for more details about Darren Yaw Singapore’s Logan’s Star’s scheduled racing competitions. Stay tuned for more exciting news about Logan’s Star and his exploits in Malaysia. 


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