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Our founder and former horse racing hall of fame jockey, Dato Darren Yaw

“How pleased I was to be a part of the building of Singapore’s first and biggest racing track is something I can hardly begin to express. There has never been an official training course for professional race riders even though Singapore hosts some of the world’s best racing events.”

Dato Darren Yaw, CEO of Darren Yaw Singapore Equine Center.

During the summer semester at the Thoroughbred Training Center, riders will practice racehorse riding skills on a variety of retired racehorses from the Darren Yaw Equine stable. Students who successfully complete the summer courses will be put in a cooperative educational work experience with a certified trainer in order to enhance their experience and skillset in order to get their Horse Racing Commission exercise rider license.

Old man on horse in field

Our founder, Dato Darren Yaw

Dato Darren Yaw has been a top trainer in Singapore for over 25 years. It includes 33 Grade 1s, 73 Grade 2s, and 142 Grade 3s. He has won more than 3,000 races. The Darren Yaw Singapore Equine Center has already earned more than $128 million in prize money. Darren is known for his rigorous attention to detail as a public speaker. Each of the horses he cares for is specifically trained by him. In order to keep his stable manageable at all times, he restricts the number of horses he owns to just two. Darren has been his assistant since 1993, and he has a superb staff surrounding him from all around the globe.


We are here to find, encourage, and nurture young people's potential in the sport of horse racing. The extensive selection of courses offered by Darren Yaw Singapore are tailored expressly to meet the demands of the Asian racing sector in terms of employment. This is our year. The horse racing business employs 94% of our Foundation Course graduates, many of whom complete their studies while working here. Working in the horse racing business might be yours in as little as 12 weeks. Our group can assist you in realizing your full potential. Become a member of the victorious alumni!

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